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My name is Nik aka HermitHubby. I am as Cass would put it, 'the creative mind' behind this whole project.

I consider myself a novice story teller. My stories mainly being use to entertain those I've play D&D with. However I've been writing short stories since I was young. Only recently have I began putting my collective ideas into this magnum opus of mine. 

Who are we?

Hi! I'm Cass, I put the finishing touches on a lot of Nik's work along with brainstorming and workshopping ideas. 

I currently dedicate all of my time to non-Profits and the art I do with my partner <3 Worked really hard to be able to get here and I have BIG plans for where we go from here ;)


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I am the one who makes the things. Typically from ideas that come about me randomly. My process is chaotic, despite my best efforts. 

While I'd like to say I have plans, they are mainly fluid in my head. Only when do I think they need to be put out do I start drawing or writting.

Cass has the unfortunate job of having to listen to these random ideas. At all hours of the day. As well as making my work look presentable.

What do we do as creators? 

My dream is to fill out my circle as multi-media artist gradually throughout my lifetime, taking to whatever I can concentrate on for long enough to learn.

But when it comes to Nik, I feel privilaged to have someone so close to me, in my life, that is so inspired to create. I can fall victim to the artist-block bug frequently so sometimes I can just push myself to make a piece of art JUST from my brain and it is always absolute chaos... 

and very therapuetic~

I just want to tell a story. If it gets famous or not is besides the point. This is something that I've been independently researching since I first learned the words dinosaurs and dragons.

What is our mission?

100% I can say that our mission is to tell an inclusive story about identity, self-accountability, and some multi-dimensional trickery for flavor.

I'm here to make friends on the way and eventually rule the world.




No Biggie. 

Working with Cass is the best part of this whole creative process. Watching her take my random ideas and doodles and making them her own by making them, you know, actual art. But most importantly she is like a teacher, I didn’t know how to draw on a tablet until she showed me. Working with her, I learn more, which I think is how any relationship should work.

What’s it like to work with your partner?

Working with Nik is very fulfilling, both personally and professionally. With his background in Art School he understands some concepts that I definitely DO NOT. 

We bring each other to bridges the can always cross together.

Cass brings that growth and continuation that I need to explore the world. Seeing her get excited about things makes me excited. Watching her grow makes me want to grow. She is literally a wave of positive change that requires you to actively seek it, instead of passively sitting by. Both as a friend, a partner, and a fellow creator.

What do they bring to your relationship?

Nik is my humble hermit, through and through. He teaches me that I can choose to be humble in my life-style, passionate in my work, and skilled in whatever craft I choose. 

He is my ultimate support, even when I'm my only enemy.

Besides traditional nerd culture? I think most of it comes from my surroundings. When I am not daydreaming or stuck in my thinktank, I am just taking in my environment. Finding peace in the everyday is what keeps me motivated.

Where do you draw motivation from? 

That one feels like a tough one to answer… my Motivation I would say comes from the desire to connect with people! Whether that’s creating together or just hanging out and shooting the breeze, I definitely thrive when I have the privilege of interacting with the people around me. With that being said, I draw my motivation from my desire to connect.

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