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As corny as it sounds, Cass is my muse. They make me want to do better and strive for things that I didn’t believe were obtainable. Without their energy to spark my creativity I would have burned myself out long ago. Though she is much more than just my wife/partner, she is my best friend. Cass has this ability to uplift those around her is by far the biggest part of her personality. To some her up in just a few words; tactical, brave, a powerful woman.

Who are we?

Nik is truly a creative mind. When he sits and tells me his ideas I find myself enthralled and hanging on every image he paints in my imagination. That’s who he is. His point of view is so humble, grounded, and unshakable that I find myself becoming a little bit more of those things every day. He has made me a much more powerful person, giving me back parts of myself I had no idea I had lost.

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Cass is the finalizer. She takes these ideas that I make up, through doodles or me ranting on our walks, and brings them into actuality. It goes deeper than just her digitizing my art, she encourages me to do more with my creativity and my creative process. Allowing me to actually manifest the things that I want to, but have no idea how to go about doing it.

What do we do as creators? 

I couldn’t dream of coming up with even half the detail he pours into a story or a character. I get to see these worlds unfold before me in my mind as he paints them and I breathe a little more life into them! Through doing this with him, collaborating on a multiverse that means so much to us, I once again found my spark as a creator and now am growing in so many more ways!

I just want to tell a story. If it gets famous, cool, but what I really want is for others to look at it and be inspired to make their own stories or art. Not be an inspiration, but be like ‘oh hey, Nik did it, I can do it.’ Cause if I can do anything, anyone can.

What is our mission?

For me it’s making as much of this happen as I can and sharing it with as many people as possible. That being said, this is also my end goal as well. I hope that, through this wonderful experience with my partner, we not only grow as people but grow as a force of raw art. My ideal? Working diligently on the things I love to eventually be able to do what I do best for the whole internet, act a fool, be myself, and hopefully give someone something nice to think about every once in a while. 

Working with Cass is the best part of this whole creative process. Watching her take my random ideas and doodles and making them her own by making them, you know, actual art. But most importantly she is like a teacher, I didn’t know how to draw on a tablet until she showed me. Working with her, I learn more, which I think is how any relationship should work.

What’s it like to work with your partner?

Working with Nik takes some time to get use to. He doesn’t talk a lot, the opposite of myself, so it took me a considerable amount of time to get use to active listening. I’m still taking notes. Being that he can have trouble expressing himself, some of that brilliance can sometimes be lost in translation. But when he opens up it’s like watching a whole world bloom in front of you that you had never seen in him before. THAT is what I want you all to see. I want you all to see what he shows me on a daily basis: joy.

Cass brings that growth and continuation that I need to explore the world. Seeing her get excited about things makes me excited. Watching her grow makes me want to grow. She is literally a wave of positive change that requires you to actively seek it, instead of passively sitting by. Both as a friend, a partner, and a fellow creator.

What do they bring to your relationship?

Humility. If I had to choose one word to describe what Nik brings to our dynamic is just that. I was a very stubborn person when we first met and along the way he has helped me not only cope with my anger issues and such, but also taught me just what being humble and learning to pay attention to your surroundings and thoughts can do for you. Not only does he come up with all the cool ideas, but he gives me so much raw talent to work with that I find myself with more pieces and panels than I can keep up with!

Besides traditional nerd culture? I think most of it comes from my surroundings. When I am not daydreaming or stuck in my thinktank, I am just taking in my environment. Finding peace in the everyday is what keeps me motivated. Which is made all possible by Cass.

Where do you draw motivation from? 

That one feels like a tough one to answer… my Motivation I would say comes from the desire to connect with people! Whether that’s creating together or just hanging out and shooting the breeze, I definitely thrive when I have the privilege of interacting with the people around me. With that being said, I draw my motivation from my desire to connect.

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